Bill Gingles


St. Louis, US
We just saw one of your 2020 paintings called Oracle. We own perhaps your first Oracle, a piece we purchased in Santa Fe, that has a rusty reddish orange horizon and a lot of squiggles. We have been enjoying it for many years. It’s neat to see how your pieces have evolved over the years.
Posted at 5:54 PM on May 24th, 2020
Tredegar, Gwent, Wales UK
Kay Leverton
Just discovered your paintings via Robyn Gordon and am so moved by them.Lovely to see the subtle moves over the years and the video left til the end is so helpful.I work in Scratchboard and pastel being a bit afraid of paint but longing for it. I shall try to let go more, thank you Bill.
Posted at 4:40 AM on Oct 13th, 2019
Valdosta, Georgia, United States
Buddy LaHood
I am enthralled with your work. The subtle color, the transparency, the composition, everything. In your video you said you teach. Where do you teach and how can I become a student?
Posted at 8:35 PM on May 13th, 2018
Fredericton, New Brunswick, Canada
Sarah Petite
An artist friend pointed out to me that we both like checkerboards. I do mine in encaustic. Yours are very appealing to me.
Posted at 2:17 PM on May 7th, 2018
San Antonio, Texas, US
Michelle Trahan Carson
Hello, I love your work. are you teaching any upcoming painting workshops? Do you have a mailing list for events like that? Thanks!
Posted at 11:28 PM on Apr 17th, 2018
Seaham, Durham, UK
Jac Howard
Just came across your paintings on facebook via Robyn Gordon - so glad I looked in today. Enjoyed watching you paint and hearing your thoughts on the act of painting - but of course - most of all - looking at your work. I love their apparent history - the layers, the putting on and wiping off - the building up - how you let the work speak to you. Something I will aspire to.
Posted at 3:37 AM on Nov 8th, 2017
Snitterby, Lincolnshire, England
I have just come across your work on the internet. I think that I could explore it for days. Thank you Bill Gingles.
Posted at 11:41 PM on Nov 7th, 2017
wilmington, DE, usa
sally berninger
Just discovered your work on pinterest and I was blown away. I like the surface tension that seems to have an answer but floats away leading to another place on the painting.
Posted at 8:43 AM on Jun 17th, 2017
Basel, Switzerland
Mirjam Felder
Bill, I found your paintings on Pinterest and had to see your website! Your art is very inspiring and I enjoyed going through the whole collection while my heartbeat got faster and faster because of the energy, the colors, the balance, just everything that your paintings transmit to the viewer and awake in my own artist self! Thank you - what a treat!
Posted at 4:11 AM on Sep 19th, 2016
Bregenz, Vorarlberg, Austria
Werner Rosenberger
I like your works. Vera Special.
Posted at 1:48 AM on Jun 6th, 2016
Garland, Texas, USA
Chrissy Aldridge
Hi Bill! I'm so happy to have discovered your work on Pinterest which led me to your website. I love your work, any exhibits coming to Dallas anytime soon?
Posted at 11:30 AM on Apr 23rd, 2016
Oregon, Illinois, US
Ross McConnell
Hello Bill. I just discovered your web site and wanted to say hi. My wife and I own one of your painting that we purchased back in the mid nineties from Jim Robischon. Love our painting and I love the work I see here. Thanks!
Posted at 2:27 PM on Mar 16th, 2016
tunbridge wells, KENT, UK
jim rafferty
Fine work, Mr Gingles.
Posted at 7:49 AM on Mar 2nd, 2016
Shreveport, La, USA
Holli hennessy
Bill I am so proud of you! I will buy your book!
Posted at 8:37 AM on Dec 14th, 2015
Nevada City, California, USA
Karin Titntle
Your work is truly inspiring. A very magical quality. I truly feel your passion. Thank you!
Posted at 8:28 AM on Nov 3rd, 2015
Louisville, Kentucky, United States
Kim Lacefiel
I get lost admiring your beautiful work - thanks for the inspiration!
Posted at 1:08 AM on Sep 6th, 2015
Shreveport, LA, USA
Donna Courtney
Love this painting!
Posted at 8:28 AM on Aug 20th, 2015
Lubbock, Texas, United States
Robert Terrell
Awesome paintings Bill! I found your website on wiki :) I guess it is a good thing. Keep up the good work, dude.
Posted at 7:19 AM on Jun 30th, 2015
Redlands, CA, United States
Aida Schneider
I especially love your greys.
Posted at 9:14 PM on Apr 11th, 2015
Leicester, Leicestershire, UK
Peter berry
Posted at 10:10 PM on Mar 12th, 2015
NEWBERG, OREGON, United States
nancy davis
very cool.
Posted at 10:49 AM on Mar 6th, 2015
Amesbury, MA, USA
Love your work! I'm going to post your site on LinkedIn to the Abstract Painters Group to see what everyone else thinks.
Posted at 1:39 PM on Dec 28th, 2014
Accra, Ghana
maryse loertscher
found your work on Pinterest. Being a painter but traveling now for 30+ years, I understand everything you say in your video about painting, settling and promoting oneself. Thank you for sharing. Maryse
Posted at 6:37 AM on Nov 19th, 2014
Fort Collins, CO, USA
Wendy Foster
Absolutely Beautiful. Incredible color, composition and energy.
Roz Spencer chose a perfect artist for her commission.

Wendy Foster
Posted at 8:58 PM on Sep 3rd, 2014
Bedoin, Vaucluse, France
Zammit Denis
I excuse my English but I would to tell you that I find your work really excellent. Thank you for these creations which delight the spirits.
Posted at 10:17 AM on Jan 3rd, 2014
Campti, Louisiana, US
Sabina Strat
I am very impressed with the balance and the matching rawness of colors, with the balance of warmth and coldness. It's like a child reviews an adult's writing, spell-checking it with candor and unaltered smiles. Oh, and "a little bit of Paul Klee" and some of Dordogne's Lascaux, in France. To me, your work is all composed of timeless effigies of temporality.
I wish I painted like that...
Posted at 10:09 AM on Sep 30th, 2013
Denton, Tx, USA
Keith Marble
Bill, We bought two of your paintings in Denver at an Art Against Aids benefit auction and am still in love with your work today. The piece that I have is Crux. It is bold and dark and full of meaning... for you as an artist and for me, having owned it now for close to 20 years. I wish you much hope. Sincerely, Keith
Posted at 7:03 PM on Aug 26th, 2013
Huntersville, NC, USA
Nicole Edwards
Hi Bill, I am a new and aspiring artist and I saw your link! I love your work and your natural style of painting! I'd love to add your link to my website and welcome any feedback.
Posted at 8:10 PM on Aug 22nd, 2013
Germantown, Maryland, United States
Lori Anne Boocks
Your work is beautiful. I discovered it via Pinterest. Thanks for doing what you do!
Posted at 8:23 AM on Aug 17th, 2013
Cedar Falls, Iowa, United States
Nick Hall
Instantly inspired!
Posted at 12:11 AM on Aug 8th, 2013
Davis, CA, USA
Marlene Lee
Your works are quite stunning, very rich and deep. I love the movement that you've create in each painting.
Posted at 8:14 PM on Aug 7th, 2013
shreveport, louisiana, united states of america
john terrell
Hi bill you taught fifth grade in '00-'01 at a school
called northside elementary. that year you designed the school shirt. i liked to draw in class and when you caught me you would take my drawings and say that when you where my age your teacher took yours and it's only fair you take mine. anyway you did something quite generous that year and helped my brother and i get to our graduation.i just want to say thank you again because i never forgot. Congrats on the success!

Posted at 1:19 AM on Jun 17th, 2013
Los Angeles, California, USA
Someone posted an image of your impressive work on Facebook, which led me to see more on your site. I noticed you are now showing with Bruce Lurie, who carries my works on paper in his file inventory. Small world.Hopefully I will get to see your work at the gallery in the near future.
Posted at 8:47 AM on Jun 2nd, 2013
Orem, Utah, United States
Your work is so rich with layers and depth. Such a visual treat. Stunning work!
Posted at 11:24 PM on May 11th, 2013
New Orleans, LA, USA
Emily Conelly
Hi Bill,
I just joined the Gallery Orange team. Love your work, hope to meet you soon!
Posted at 4:47 PM on May 11th, 2013
southport, North Carolina, United States
Laura Clark
Hi. I just wanted to say I so enjoyed looking at your work and so glad to have found it. I paint myself and it was an inspiration....I "pinned" away. Keep on creating....great work.
Posted at 6:37 AM on Apr 30th, 2013
Los Angeles, CA, USA
Love your work. Happy to have found your website. Shared your work on pinterest. Especially like Empyrean from 2009. The title is perfect!
Posted at 10:49 PM on Apr 29th, 2013
Sutter Creek, CA, US
Ruth Andre
Bill, It was such a pleasure to find your website. Love your work and your video.I would like to add a link to your site to my blog site,
Posted at 11:15 PM on Apr 18th, 2013
Sharon, CT, USA
Very inspiring work. Color, technique, love it.
Posted at 9:53 AM on Apr 11th, 2013
Charlotte, NC, USA
Charlotte Hutson Wrenn
Your work is deeply moving. As is your video is so personal and inspirational. I sent it on to friends. Found you on Pinterest. Thank you!
Posted at 10:29 AM on Mar 3rd, 2013
Phoenix, Arizona, United States
Valerie McMullen
Just found your amazing work on Pinterest! Such beauty and an inspiration you are! Wish I could take a class from you! Best regards!
Posted at 9:43 PM on Feb 17th, 2013
Santander, España, España
Carlos Puente
Hi Bill, today I saw your work on your website and I was impressed and amazed her, my sincere congratulations. congratulations!!

Warm regards from Spain

Carlos Puente
Posted at 11:39 AM on Jan 11th, 2013
Shreveport, LA, usa
Donna Courtney
Your work is amazing!
Posted at 10:24 AM on Jan 11th, 2013
Montpelier, Vermont, United States
axel stohlberg
Posted at 6:45 PM on Dec 26th, 2012
Shreveport, LA, USA
Cathy Sledge
Hey, Bill,
I really love your work. I especially love 2008's "A Recent History of What Is Possible" and 2006's "The Magus." Are these pieces for sale? Are they in galleries currently or what? BTW, I miss seeing all you guys at Byrd. Cathy Sledge
Posted at 3:26 PM on Nov 20th, 2012
Orlando, FL, US
Tabitha Lumpkin
Hi Bill, I just wanted to drop in and let you know that I have one of your great works done in 10-98 called Nocturne, its quite lovely. My friend Scott Cox passed it on to me. Its a pleasure to look at daily, thanks ~Tab
Posted at 12:12 PM on Sep 5th, 2012
Las Vegas, NV, USA
Jared Raubenstine
Awesome site you have here! Your work is incredible!
Posted at 10:51 PM on Aug 6th, 2012
Little Rock, AR, USA
Cathy Burns
LOVE your work...first saw one of your drawings at Taylor's in Hot Springs. I was looking to buy a Sammy Peter's and a had a collector friend along who purchased your work. I'm also an artist and feel we have a very similar aesthetic. I hope to have one of your works in my own collection soon. Are you still showing w Caroline?
Posted at 9:22 AM on Jul 20th, 2012
Metairie, Lousiana, USA
Rhenda Saporito
Bill, I enjoyed meeting you this week at Gallery Orange in the French Quarter. Your work is wonderful. The large piece is really spectacular.
All the best,
Posted at 2:30 PM on Jul 15th, 2012
shreveport, louisiana, United States
Breanna Speed
Hey Gingles! Your artwork is amazing and wait for it... NICE! Keep painting and being an awesome teacher!
Posted at 12:37 PM on Jun 18th, 2012
Atlanta, GA, USA
Patricia Wolf
I've been in love with your work for many years.So happy to see you on Pinterest!! Thanks for following me...I'm honored! Maybe I'll see you sometime in Atlanta if you have a show.
Posted at 4:19 PM on Apr 17th, 2012
Pambula, NSW, Australia
Lorna Crane
Just spotted your work via Ian McLeod on Pinterest - loving your work very much
Posted at 10:00 PM on Mar 24th, 2012
Posted at 4:54 AM on Mar 4th, 2012
Tampa, FL, USA
Brad Bannister
Bill, I like your later work a lot, especially 2011 canvases. A real pleasure to see your latest development.
Posted at 2:28 AM on Nov 26th, 2011
San Francisco, CA, US
Steve Javiel
Awesome work very inspiring
Posted at 1:18 AM on Jun 20th, 2011
Denver, co, usa
I am a Denver abstract artist - your paintings are breathtaking. Do you ever do workshops in Denver?

Posted at 4:26 PM on Apr 26th, 2011
Brighton, UK
And Hill
...something of a kindred spirit I feel, from across the pond. You express things well in your video - so hard to do...

Best wishes
Posted at 1:44 AM on Apr 2nd, 2011
New Delhi, New Delhi, India
I am an abstract artist from India. I very much enjoyed your works. Your sense of colour and the dextreity with which you apply the strokes and spontaneously bring out the faded grids and hues is extremely appealing. Best wishes..
Posted at 10:56 AM on Feb 24th, 2011
Shreveport, LA, USA
Jan Spaht
I loved the video of your home, paintings and Diana. Thanks for showing a little of the process while you are painting. What an awesome talent you have been blessed with.
Posted at 9:38 AM on Jan 26th, 2011
Sarasota, FL, USA
Janet Mishner
I am an artist from Sarasota, FL. While visiting Chicago, I grabbed a postcard of your work from River East Art Center. We visited the city several months after your show (noted on the card.) I absolutely love your paintings. I love the depth and the layers and the colors. I love the gestural and spontaneous quality..I could go on. I was wondering if you have published a monograph (or will you be?)
I was up in my studio, trying to get inspired, staring at your postcard and saying to myself "I wanna paint like this." That is what brought me to your website to see more - I love it. Thanks.
p.s. I attempted to email you but the email was returned as an error.
Posted at 9:40 AM on Dec 16th, 2010
Tubac, AZ, US
Karon Leigh
Your paintings inspire me Bill!
Posted at 12:37 PM on Dec 1st, 2010
bend, oregon, usa
lynn rothan
walking around Portland happened to pass by my favorite gallery ...
what a delight to see your work in there. Thinking I ran across you on stumble a few years back, if you ever come to Portland or Bend please let me know I would love to buy you a cup and sing that art song in person. Your new work is so fine up close and personal , what a delight! alive,vibrant and resonating in the middle of it all.
Posted at 11:17 PM on Sep 13th, 2010
Logansport, La, US
Deborah Wilkinson
Bill, I am proud to know that you have succeeded with something that you are passionate about. Your paintings are awesome. Take care
Posted at 7:45 PM on Aug 15th, 2010
shreveport, la, usa
margaret becton
i am blown away by your work! great website!i look forward to working with you :)
Posted at 1:03 PM on Aug 10th, 2010
Caddo Gap, Arkansas, USA?
Hey Billy, Diana:
Iris & Greg & boys are visiting (Greg is an artist at Fayetteville; you can search "Greg Moore Artist" and find his work.)
Any way, we're viewing your art work and really like it "mucho"
Iris wants to buy...
Hope we can get to visit soon!
Paul S.
Posted at 8:14 PM on May 7th, 2010
Shreveport, La., U.S.A.
Albert Scott
Hey Bill it was great seeing you today at artbreak.First thing when I got home I went here to your web site man I am impressed this is great I will be visiting more often. Albert

Posted at 5:00 PM on May 2nd, 2010
Surat, Gujarat, India
Rohit Zaverii
Hi Bill,
To me, it seems that I know you since years. You are not unknown to me.
I am also Painter,and wish we can meet some day and talk for hours. Visit my site www.

Wish to have your comments.
Rohit Zaverii
Posted at 9:40 AM on Apr 29th, 2010
San Antonio, TX, USA
Sandra Lass
Mr. Gingles,

I just recently purchased your work entitled \\\"Cardinal\\\" at the Robert Hughes Gallery in San Antonio TX. I fell in love with this painting the minute I saw it and I knew I had to own it. Thanks for creating a piece that truly makes me happy. I hope I have the opportunity to buy another one of your works in the future.
Posted at 8:03 AM on Feb 21st, 2010
Bangor, County Down, Northern Ireland
Patrick Gingles
Hi Bill, still looking in now and again. Merry Christmas and a happy new year to you and your family.
Posted at 2:43 PM on Dec 16th, 2009
Tucson, Arizona, U.S.
Bernard Goodman
Bill, the way you create the illusion of space in your paintings fascinates me. I like the hard edge-soft edge contrasts and your range of colors.The non-objective works are very interesting because they stimulate the imagination since there is no symbolic base that the brain can reference. Your paintings are excellent.
Posted at 11:18 AM on Dec 16th, 2009
caddo gap, arkansas, usa
Paul Shepard
Hey Billy:
some wonderful art.
a lot of these are just special.
uh, Christmas is coming up; wondering what to give family & friends? ha.
Paul s.
Posted at 2:26 PM on Dec 12th, 2009
Charlotte, NC, United States
Lennie Washington
Hi Bill. We have never met, but today I listened to you talk about your work on U Tube and I feel like a know a bit about how you approach your work, and a bit about you. I was friends with Diana many years ago when we were freshman at Centenary and would like to reconnect with her. I will be in Shreveport in June of next year for a wedding and hope I can say hello in person. Please pass my greetings on to her. I also look forward to meeting you. Thanks.
Posted at 4:04 PM on Nov 10th, 2009
Shreveport, Louisiana, USA
Hey Mr. Gingles!!! This is Jessica one of your former art students... I saw a painting this weekend that reminded me of your paintings. I had to find a link somehow and say hello!!! Wish you the best of luck!!!... p.s. "Jessica says Good Morning"
Posted at 2:45 PM on Oct 13th, 2009
Lufkin, TX, USA
Ray Lynn Pinner
Thrills me to find your site.When I think of when we were close friends 30+ years ago, I realize you had a special gift of art. So glad to see it has remained your life. Proud of You!
Posted at 5:07 PM on Aug 25th, 2009
Shreveport, Louisiana, U.S.A.
Ranee Terry
I enjoyed viewing your artwork all in one location. A few years back I saw pieces hanging in a coffee shop. I love the site and glad you are still sharing your talent with others through teaching and exhibition.
Posted at 3:24 PM on Aug 16th, 2009
Baton Rouge, Louisiana, USA
Debbie Owen Miller
Hey Cousin B.R.,
I still have an orginal that you drew of a sail boat when you lived with us. I love your art.
Posted at 10:17 AM on Jul 17th, 2009
shreveport, LA, united States
Lauren Hoffman
Mr. Gingles! Its Lauren from 4th hour! Thought about you and decided to check your site! Hope your summer is going well. Ill email you sometime or get your number from Sara (i finally got txt!) Talk to you soon! -Lauren
Posted at 8:02 PM on Jul 13th, 2009
I am pleasantly surprised by your work! Keep your talent! My love of painting, entitled "Water Music "!!!!!!!! Celsey
Posted at 2:25 AM on Jun 23rd, 2009
Indianapolis, Indiana, U.S.A
Morgan Faulkner
Hi Gingles!
I love checking your site every now and then to see what new gorgeous paintings you've been working on. Hope you and Diana are doing wonderfully. Maybe next time I'm back in Shreveport we can get together for lunch again!
Miss you!,
Posted at 8:10 PM on Jun 4th, 2009
shreveport, louisiana, usa
Kristen Rice and Jennifer Bradford
Hi Mr. Gingles!!! Jennifer and I are observing your class right now and looking at your amazing paintings! I miss your class! Your the best Art teacher at Byrd!
-Kristen, and Jenn
Posted at 12:54 PM on Apr 28th, 2009
Lafayette, LA, United States of America
Hey Mr. Gingles! I don't know if you remember me, I'm Kyler. You used to give me and my brother Kaden art lessons. I come to your sight every now and then to see your astounding paintings. I find myself remembering you work, and imagine watching you paint my favorites, like Fire Lake. I'm so happy to see that you're doing well. I will be looking for your paintings in that movie!
Take care, eat a Nutter Butter for me!
Posted at 10:09 AM on Apr 16th, 2009
Baton Rouge, LA, USA
Kathleen McCarthy
Hey Mr. Gingles, I love your new paintings...but I always like the colorful ones! I started a new small painting recently and work on it now and then when I can't take another minute of science. Hope all is well!
Posted at 8:22 PM on Mar 29th, 2009
Alexandria, VA, USA
John Gingles
Great Site! - & wonderful paintings. Just ran across it checking up on other Gingles.
Posted at 2:06 AM on Feb 20th, 2009
Houston, Tx, USA
Ashley Mosing
Hi Mr. Gingles! I don't know if you remember me, I was in your ART 4 class at byrd four years ago. I really like your new paintings! I've taken a few classes(drawing 1, 2,and 2D Design) at Glassell since I've been in Houston. You recommended that school and it is great..But they make you work hard! I graduate from college in may so hopefully I've be able to get back into it over the summer! take care, congrats on the Michael Douglas film, I'll look for the paintings when I see the movie!
Posted at 7:20 PM on Feb 13th, 2009
Shreveport, LA, United States
Caitlin Lindsay
The new site is awesome. I love the video! You have an incredible ability to make a lasting impression within three minutes! haha. I'll come visit class again soon! I have a few drawings to show you. See you soon!
Posted at 12:22 PM on Feb 5th, 2009
benton, louisiana, usa
julian gaines
can't wait to see the 2009 work
Posted at 5:37 PM on Feb 4th, 2009
Shreveport, Louisiana, USA
Jessica Mithcell
Hey gingles. its jessica mithcell i had you junior year for art.You probably dont remember.i haven't painted in a while due to college but i just recently started again & it made me think of how much you taught me. My painting is even better now. i love your paintings they are breath taking. keep up the good work. by the way i miss your class.
Posted at 5:10 PM on Jan 22nd, 2009
shreveport, la, usa
rebecca francis
I have seen your work mature and flourish in the few years that I have known you! Keep your passion alive! My love is the painting named "Water Music"!!!!!!!!

Posted at 10:15 AM on Jan 19th, 2009
Shreveport, LA, US
Neil Johnson
Wonderful working with you! Keep it up!
Posted at 2:54 PM on Jan 16th, 2009
Shreveport, LA, USA
Donna Courtney
I have enjoyed working with you and watching your work and the excitement that comes with it. You are an amazing artist that does beautiful work. The images that you paint reflect so much of the beautiful person that you are. Your success is well deserved. Can't wait to see what is next.
Posted at 6:18 PM on Jan 14th, 2009
Shreveport, Louisiana, USA
Marilyn Prothro
I love your work. Thanks for sharing!
Posted at 5:44 PM on Jan 14th, 2009
Spoltore, Italy
Giorgio Tomasi
Ciao Bill, congratulations for the latest news about the next Michael Douglas movie. It's fantastic!!! I like your website and love your works! I feel so proud, especially when I read the titles "Sulmona" and "Giorgio's basement". I like the idea that we gave a small contribution to this beauty. Grazie. Giorgio
Posted at 2:49 PM on Jan 14th, 2009
Coventy, United Kindom
Alan Gingles
Hello I have recently been researching distant familly members and i am impressed with their works,Some make jewelry some paint and some are theologians.I am proud of my family name.
Posted at 6:37 AM on Jan 14th, 2009
The PORT City, Louisiana, USA
DeAnna Michelle
Nice Body of Works you got here on this new website; KUDOS!)
Posted at 4:41 PM on Jan 12th, 2009
Shreveport, LA, USA
Kristina Russell
I love the new website! :)
Very impressive.
I missss your class soooo much!
Posted at 1:10 PM on Jan 12th, 2009
Marshall, Texas, US
Susan Lilley
I'm loving the new stuff! I REALY like the dusk painting!
Posted at 11:16 AM on Jan 12th, 2009
Baltimore, MD, USA
Anne T. Manley
Your new website is beautiful Bill & your new work is just stunning.
Posted at 10:02 AM on Jan 12th, 2009
Natchitoches, LA, USA
leslie gruesbeck
so proud to own one of your beautiful works--like you and diana--your work just continues to become more beautiful.

happy 2009
Posted at 9:16 AM on Jan 12th, 2009
S\'port, LA, USA
Henry E. Price
Outstanding work.
Posted at 7:38 AM on Jan 12th, 2009
Shreveport, LA, United States
Patricia Williams
I love "Before the Flood". Thank you so much for giving my paintings names and for everything else both you and Dianna do for me.
Posted at 11:22 PM on Jan 11th, 2009
thierstein, germany
marion lucka
dear bill,
especially i like your painting
"allegory" und the drawings.
all the best from marion
Posted at 12:35 AM on Nov 13th, 2008
M. Scott Cox
Nice stuff!! I really like the new stuff!
Posted at 4:22 PM on Oct 13th, 2008
Shreveport, LA, USA
Donna Courtney
I just located your video on YouTube - Loved watching you work and seeing your beautiful wife. Tell her hello.
Posted at 3:48 PM on Sep 21st, 2008
Brighton, TN, USA
I just found your work tonight on YouTube, searched and found your website. Your work is beautiful ... it's amazing! I made myself choose 3 as favorites (which wasn't easy) ... Arcana, Halcyon Days and Kama. Gorgeous!! I'm learing, teaching myself due to not having classes where I live. Your work is a great inspiration.
Posted at 11:05 PM on Sep 5th, 2008
Manning, SC, USA
Dianne Ross
Hey, Billy! I am so overwhelmed by your paintings! They are so wonderful. Congrats on your success. I would have never thought it when we were younger in Charleston, SC. May God bless you always.
Posted at 11:12 AM on Sep 4th, 2008
Barquisimeto, Lara, Venezuela
Loreana Segura
Heeey Mr. Gingles! I miss your class so much!
I started to work on my painting today, It was kinda hard to find the paint here, but I finally did, so I back on!
I miss you Mr. G!!, I've been fine, busy working!
I know I've been kinda lost, but I promised to keep in touch and I will keep my promise!
Love ya!
Lore.. :) You're favorite Venezuelan exchange student ;)
Posted at 10:58 AM on Jul 5th, 2008
Caddo Gap, Arkansas, USA
Paul & Stella
Hey Billy! we enjoyed looking through all your work. Thanks, for sharing.
Posted at 8:51 PM on Jun 22nd, 2008
Georges Braque said, "There is only one valuable thing in art: the thing you cannot explain."
Posted at 6:46 AM on May 13th, 2008
Mississauga, Ontario, Canada
Eric Lotz
Very nice work.
Posted at 11:20 AM on Apr 24th, 2008
Shreveport, LA, USA
Boris Drlja
I see you have some new ones since last time. I like it! Hope everything is going good.
Posted at 12:16 PM on Mar 11th, 2008
Shreveport, LA, United States
Kristina Russell
Hey Gingles! I've visited this site a million times, but never made a comment. I LOVE your work. You need to bring more work to class! Have a wonderful day! See you in class!
Posted at 10:12 AM on Mar 11th, 2008
Brooklyn, New York, USA
Les Morehead
Very good. My wife and I have one of your works in our living room, which we love and are looking forward to obtaining another.
Posted at 12:42 PM on Feb 7th, 2008
Baton Rouge, LA, US of A
Roger from Red Stick
Hey, dude, long time no see.

Just surfing and thought I'd say hello. Maybe we can get together at something besides a funeral.

Nice site, very professional.
Posted at 11:03 AM on Jan 18th, 2008
bossier, La, United States
Ashley Johnson
Hey Mr. Gingles,
it's me Ashley Johnson, remember me?
was on your site and just wanted to say hi and tell you
how much I miss and enjoyed your class!! I learned soo much from you and I think your work is beautiful.
thank you,
Posted at 10:31 PM on Jan 6th, 2008
stafford, VA, usa
stephanie dyer
hey mr. gingles!!!it's stephanie,thank you,thank you,thank you for the book and the really nice sketchbook!!! i sent in my portfolio for FOCUS ARY, its like TAP. my parents are hanging up my new stuff all over the house!!! one of my paintings sold for $80 at my church's auction!!! i will keep in touch and show you my future works! thank you again
Posted at 3:55 PM on Nov 26th, 2007
Shreveport, Louisiana, U.S.A
Katherine Herrin
Hey Mr. Gingles! I came by your site to stalk you. Haha. Just kiddin. I'm just collecting information on you for research in my Basic Design class.
I'll be happy to show you my findings in my sketchbook tomorrow morning when I come by Byrd again.

Have a great day!
Posted at 12:00 PM on Nov 12th, 2007
Lawrenceville, NJ, USA
Frank Haggerty
Bill, your work is very inspiring...I enjoyed viewing your portfolio...all the best to you
Posted at 2:44 PM on Aug 31st, 2007
Shreveport, LA, USA
Blake Fletcher
Posted at 12:15 AM on May 24th, 2007
Florissant, Missouri, USA
Tanya L. Gingles
Stumbled across your work in querying my last name. Your work is wonderful. Best Wishes for you and yours.
Posted at 7:17 AM on May 3rd, 2007
Shreveport, Louisiana, United States
Surprise! It's Carlenekus!I love you and I think your paintings and your passion to paint is truly wonderful.
Posted at 4:09 PM on Mar 29th, 2007
palatine, il, usa
art dulan
Outstanding, outstanding, brilliant work!
Posted at 5:36 AM on Mar 28th, 2007
Nottingham, UK, England
Lucy Truelove
Hi, was researching artists for my next project and came across your work, I really enjoyed looking at it and would love to know more about it, such as what inspired them and how do u start a project, really help cause i think your work is amazing, thank you
Posted at 4:44 AM on Jan 16th, 2007
bend, oregon, usa
lynn rothan
i love love love your work
want to know more about you
Posted at 9:38 PM on Nov 15th, 2006
Logansport, Louisiana, USA
Jane Gingles
I love all of your work and the way you make it all come together on canvas.I am so very proud to say "thats my son.
Posted at 2:36 PM on Nov 4th, 2006
bangor, n. ireland
patrick gingles
Hi Bill, nice work. good two see that some of our folks over the pond are showing flare.
Posted at 12:05 PM on Oct 29th, 2006
Shreveport, USA
Donna Courtney
Breathtaking - I have enjoyed them all!!
Posted at 12:41 PM on Oct 23rd, 2006
Glendale, CA, USA
Alexander Sadoyan
Nice paintings.
Posted at 2:23 PM on Jul 19th, 2006
dorset, uk
sarah austin
Hi Bill, Your work is lovely and have tried to find favs. but i think they are All Wonderful, i couldn't choose if i had to.
Every painting is so inspiring and i love all your colors, textures and your wonderful mark making. I'm Definatly inspired ..! I enjoy all your 2005,2001 selection and 'Frontpage' painting is one of my favs.. a hard descision.. amongst many others ! And thanks for sharing your interview, great to read.! Keep up all your great work.. sarah :))
Posted at 10:17 AM on Jul 1st, 2006
Shreveport, LA, USA
Sammie Bell
Very intriguing work.
Posted at 2:08 PM on Jun 12th, 2006
Libramont, Belgium
Lily Remacle
Dear Billy, I am very happy to see that you're still such a great painter. I miss the smell of your painting, drinking a coffee with my friend (your wife)and I hope to get the chance of inviting you over here for a painting festival... Love Lily
Posted at 3:11 AM on Apr 27th, 2006
Spoltore, Italy
Giorgio Tomasi
Ciao Bill. There are so many things referring to my life in your works. I find the clay shell/flower. I remember the colors of my basement and our small apartment in Francavilla. Our breakfast under the sun on our terrace and Hadrian's Villa in Tivoli. I've looked at your works again today and it was very exciting and emotional. Thank you for sharing that with us. Giorgio
Posted at 1:05 AM on Apr 26th, 2006
Manchester, MD, USA
Beautiful work.
Posted at 3:12 PM on Mar 29th, 2006
Baltimore, MD, United States
Anne Manley
I've enjoyed looking at your paintings. The layers draw me in. Very nice work!
Posted at 3:03 PM on Mar 8th, 2006
Sunnyvale,, CA, United States
Joan Schulze
Your work is so focused. The marks, the surfaces and compositions are so enjoyable. Thanks for the inspiration today.
Posted at 8:29 PM on Feb 22nd, 2006